4. Achievements: "No warrior ever fights alone..."

"No warrior ever fights alone," the King said, "and neither did these two fighters. However great their skills, they could not have achieved what they did today without help." - Chapter 16, The Kite Fighters

After the end of the tournament, the king not only honors the efforts of the winning kite fighters, but also recognizes and honors the kite makers. Although Young-sup was the one to fly the kite and win the competition, it was all possible because of those who helped him along the way. The King helped him practice and suggested the use of the blue line. Kite Seller Chung and his father gave him advice and guidance. And his older brother constructed the magnificent kite, came up with the idea for the pottery powder, and supported him all along the way.

What is an accomplishment you are proud of, and who helped you along the way? Or, what goal are you working towards, and who is helping you to achieve it?