3. Integrity

"Is this invention within the rules? Yes. There is nothing that forbids it...But there is a more difficult question. From what you have told me, it is clearly a great advantage-perhaps too great...It is you yourself, and your brother, who must decide if it is honorable." -Chapter 11

In chapter eleven Kee-sup has the clever idea of coating the kite line with powdered pottery. This invention makes it easier to cut the line of an opponent to win a match. They are not sure if this will be allowed in the competition so they turn to Kite Seller Chung. Kite Seller Chung tells them it is not against the rules, but that they have to decide for themselves if it is honorable.

What do you think, should Kee-sup and Young-sup use the pottery line in the competition? Why or why not? How would you feel if the brothers used this special line in a match against you?